Do not Match Competition (Splendor D

In history we have found many stories of people whose lives are busy in the splendor of the world.The journey is the journey of collecting the treasure, as if the treasure is never enough, but ironically, most of such stories end in ruin. One of the most famous stories is the story of Qarun, and in Qashash's letters [28] verses graciously given by Allah Almighty in the form of an abundant treasure but with that treasure he was arrogant and flaunted his riches, and his attitude almost brutalized the people of the other Israelites because they envied him, before he finally perished because of his attitude which favors the blessings of Allah Almighty. never forbade His servants to work to get the treasures Instead, instead work hard is part of the form of obedience to Him.

Working diligently is also one form of animating the Sunnah of His Messenger. Did not the Prophet Muhammad also work even since he was very young. Allah Almighty creates the universe with all its wealth this is to be used and utilized by man. Allah Almighty says, "It is He who made the earth all the expanse for you and the heavens as a roof, and He sends down water (rain) from heaven, and He produces with the rain all fruits as sustenance for you; therefore do not make allies to Allah, but you know. "

(Surat al-Baqarah: 22)

It is clear that mini-richness is for human beings. God does not forbid His servants to have part of that abundant wealth. But what is forbidden by Him is unhealthy competition in obtaining the wealth of the world.

What is forbidden by Him is to be proud and kufr for his wealth. Nowadays it is not unfamiliar when humans race to collect treasure, then flaunt it in the hope of praise, praise and recognition that he is a rich man. Not even when humans also justify a variety of ways just for the sake of possessing property.

Some are corrupt, some steal, falsify money to dabble in black magic If what is expected of the abundance of wealth is the praise of people.

After others have praised us, it does not have any effect at all. If what is to be expected from the abundance of wealth is a sense of satisfaction and happiness, then bear in mind that the more abundant the wealth, the more anxiety also increases.

Restless treasure was stolen people, restless treasure was reduced and so forth. Brother, let us consider the message of Allah Almighty contained in this letter At Takatsur, Meaning: "Pretending to have neglected you. Until you enter the grave. Do not be so, someday you will know. Do not be so, if you know with certain knowledge. You will certainly see the hell of jahiim. And indeed you will see it with 'ainul sure. Then you will be questioned that day about the pleasures (which you magnificent-boast in that world)."

(Surat at-Takatsur [102]: 1-8).

It is important to always realize that God is the owner of all gifts. He is the All- Giver to all His creatures. As for man, it is no more than a creature entrusted to him. Really there is no artin ya what we have compared to His wealth.

Responding to the wealth that we have, it would be nice if we use the parker's theory. A pasbrkir man never feels jumawa, arrogant and ujub over the various vehicles that are in his power. because he was well aware that all the vehicles were merely entrusted dating entrusted to him for later taken back by the owner. So it is with our wealth. There is nothing but a mere gift of God. He who is Rich has sent it to us as a test whether we are trustworthy or not. Do we use His depositions in accordance with His will or vice versa. No need to be busy competing in grandeur and wealth. Be busy competing in sharing, charity, representation and other good deeds.

Race in splendor will culminate in the finish line of regret. While racing in goodness will lead to the finish line of happiness.

Written by: KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym) He is the caretaker of boarding school Daarut Tauhiid Bandung - Jakarta.

Editor : Aa Bahagia.